Biochar turns organic waste into “black gold.”

Green State Biochar produces high quality biochar and works with farms to manage manure and control run-off.

Biochar is a highly porous carbon material made from organic biomass waste, used to…

  • Enhance soil quality and reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Increase crop yields while reducing the use of fertilizers.
  • Capture and filter runoff from manure pits.
  • Control point source run-off and prevent algae blooms.
  • Reduce odors and control flies on the farm.

Biochar from Green State Biochar

Enhance soil quality naturally! Buy directly from Green State Biochar in 5 gallon buckets or 2 cubic yard supersacks.

Green State Biochar offers complete, on-site assistance for farms in Vermont and New Hampshire

We can work with you to create a comprehensive manure management solution using biochar — including helping with paperwork and financing.

Here’s how it works!