Let Green State Biochar create a solution for your dairy farm.

Green State Biochar offers complete, on-site assistance for farms in Vermont and New Hampshire.

We can work with you to create a comprehensive
manure management solution using biochar — including
helping with paperwork and financing.

Here’s how it works!

Outside of Vermont and New Hamsphire? Contact us. We may be able to find resources in your area. 


  • Utilize manure to build soil carbon
  • Minimize or halt runoff of phosphorus
  • Reduce methane emissions
  • Reduce fertilizer costs
  • Bring biochar to your site
  • Add biochar to your manure pit or fields
  • Increase crop yields
  • Minimize odor from manure pits
  • Turn your manure into money
  • Work with you on grant and loan paperwork
  • Receive carbon offset credits for using biochar

Biochar is planet and pocketbook friendly.

By utilizing biochar on site, dairy farmers can reduce their climate impact in huge ways by minimizing methane emissions, build soil carbon, and use less water on growing fields.

Adding biochar to your anaerobic digestion system.

Maybe anaerobic digestion is your method to utilize manure. Even better is to add biochar to your system. It will keep it running at greater efficiency with less maintenance and produce higher amounts of energy; all this while generating more carbon credits.

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Let Green State Biochar create a solution for your dairy farm.