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Dairy Manure Co-composting with Wood Biochar Plays a Critical Role in Meeting Global Methane Goals

Until all dairy farms have anaerobic digestors on site it is important to look at other alternatives for managing manure.
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Unique Process ‘Cleans’ Crop Water Runoff When Using Dairy Manure as Fertilizer

Preventing runoff of phosphorus into our waterways is critical to keeping our rivers, lakes, and streams clean. We can no longer continue to watch our waters fall victim to blue green algae.
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Undercover Benefits of Biochar

Use biochar as a cover for manure lagoons and pits and reduce those calls from your neighbors.
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ISU Researchers Find Charcoal-like Substance Has Potential As Fertilizer

As a fertilizer, it could basically absorb phosphorous from runoff and release it very slowly so a crop could make use of it.
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Removing E. Coli Bacteria from Stormwater
Using Biochar Filter BMPs

Why biochar must be added to the toolbox for E. coli
removal from stormwater.
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Biochar Production for Forestry, Farms, and Communities

“Biochar application is no longer based on anecdotal and historical evidence but is grounded in science that has the potential to significantly enhance the practices of regenerative agriculture and ecological forestry now and for future generations.” Northwest Natural Resource Group as funded by the USDA
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State Biochar
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Green State Biochar is one of 10 Teams
to Advance in Ag Innovation Challenge

Competition provides an opportunity to showcase ideas and innovations in agriculture…
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Luke and the Lake

In remedying generations of environmental damage done to Lake Champlain, a master tinkerer finds his ultimate fix-it project…
Read Green State Biochar’s Luke Persons’ remarkable story

Barton-Based Green State Biochar Wins
DRM Startup Company Prize

Vermont Business Magazine Business owners Roger and Donna Pion and their startup company Green State Biochar are the winners…
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Entrepreneurs Tackling Climate Change: “Education, education, education” with [Green State Biochar’s] Donna Pion and Amine Rahal

Green State Biochar is committed to the reduction of biomass waste and the production of high quality biochar which can be utilized in a myriad of applications.
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Green Business Start-Up to
Grow Workforce with VTP Grant

The three-person startup produces biochar, a hard carbon made from local waste wood, which is used in a myriad of applications including the production of energy.
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Vermont Awards More than
$1 Million to Phosphorus Projects

Five Vermont groups are sharing more than $1 million for implementation of  phosphorus recovery technologies.
The state is working to reduce algae-causing phosphorus runoff into Lake Champlain and other waterways.
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